Friends of Robert McKnight


As you may already know, I come from a family of servant leaders.  My father is a Vietnam Veteran, and my mother is a nurse in New Orleans, LA.  I am continuing my family legacy of service by working tirelessly on criminal justice reform as a Public Defender in New Orleans. I have long worked for positive change in Uptown New Orleans, and now feel that the time has come for me to seek elected office. I want to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to the Louisiana House of Representatives, District 91.

I have always been very concerned about criminal justice reform, early childhood education and mental health. I believe there are workable solutions available that will enhance a progressive criminal justice agenda in Louisiana.  Another important issue is early childhood education. We need to find ways to arm our children with a 21st century education, which is among the smartest investments we can make. I understand the connection between educational opportunities, academic attainment and a healthy economy for all New Orleanians are direct and discernible for the continued prosperity of Louisiana.  I will also advocate for better access to ensure those struggling with mental illness can get the care and treatment they need before a crisis occurs.  

In order to serve the people of New Orleans District 91, I must conduct an aggressive campaign. For this campaign to be successful, it will require a strong and organized grassroots organization, which I cannot do alone. This is why I am turning to you, and inviting you to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.

Your early financial contribution will give our race a tremendous boost. Your gift of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500 or maximum amount of $2,500 will help raise the initial funds needed to launch this campaign. Can I count you in?  

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support.

Yours in Service,

Robert McKnight

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