MASBA 2020 Scholarship Program

You can imagine our excitement: We expanded our MASBA scholarship program from 10 recipients in 2017, to 20 recipients in 2018, to 95 recipients in 2019! Now, are you ready for some really exciting news? On April 17, 2019 our MASBA Board discussed the future of our MASBA scholarship program and approved the following for 2020:
  • One MASBA scholarship will be awarded to all MASBA districts of less than 1,000 students.
  • Two MASBA scholarships will be awarded to all MASBA ESCs and to all MASBA districts of 1,000 to 10,000 students.
  • Three MASBA scholarships will be awarded to MASBA districts with more than 10,000 students.
In this way, MASBA will award 200+ scholarships to graduating seniors throughout Texas in 2020!
Our 2020 MASBA scholarship application is already online: Encourage the members of your Class of 2020 to apply today!
Will you support MASBA's 2020 scholarship program? Gifts of all sizes are welcomed to support students who share some very compelling—even heart-breaking—stories.
“I would love to become the first Hispanic President of the United States.” –Fiorella
“I imagine being a role model…[for] Hispanic/Latino students interested in STEM fields…
because I found it difficult to find a Hispanic role model to look up to.” –Marlem
“Being diagnosed with kidney cancer is the greatest obstacle I’ve overcome in my life.” –Ryan
“I am determined to break the cycle of poverty in my family
by becoming an immigration lawyer.” –Arrianna
“Some of the toughest challenges I’ve overcome have been leaving my family behind in Mexico
and coming to the U.S. to have a better life, and all the struggles that came from coming.” –Nadia
“I will be an inspiration to a generation that has been told they will not make it,
that their dreams are worthless, or that they should settle for less.” –Joshua
“One of the biggest obstacles for me is the lack of scholarship opportunities
there are for me as a Dreamer.” –Sinareth
“I wish to be a bilingual teacher so that I can teach students the same way that I grew up
and be able to give them opportunity to be well educated in two different languages.” –Miriam
“The greatest obstacle that I went through
was facing the hardship of having my father incarcerated
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The Mexican American School Boards Association (MASBA) is a voluntary, non-profit, statewide education association that has served local Texas school boards since 1970. MASBA is focused on closing gaps in our Texas public schools, particularly for the Latinx students who comprise the majority in our Texas public schools, and for the English Language Learners who are expected to be 20% of our Texas public schools by 2020. 

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