Re-Elect Justice Leticia Hinojosa

Justice Leticia Hinojosa has served in the Texas Judiciary for more than 20 years.  She was the first woman elected judge in South Texas, first as a County Court-at-Law Judge and then as a District Judge.  After years of experience as a trial judge and as an attorney, she is now serving as an Appellate Judge on the 13th Court of Appeals where she has served with distinction. 
She is seeking re-election
Justice Leticia Hinojosa does not consider herself a politician.  As a judge, she believes that her duty is to follow the law, not to make the law.  Her exemplary 2o years of service as a judge speaks for itself.  She has proven to be honest, fair and impartial.. She has also proven to be deliberate, consistent and efficient because she believes that justice delayed is justice denied.


Judge Leticia Hinojosa has proven that she knows the law and follows the law

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