Donate to Texas New Era Center/Jobs with Justice

Support our labor-community organizing work! 

Help us in our fight to support working people who are organizing for better working conditions on the job and for economic justice in our communities. You can make a one time donation or become a monthly sustainer.  

Why should you donate?

1. You can help fund our labor-community coalition work with Communities United for a Greater Dallas.  This year we are launching a Just Housing campaign and will need all the support we can get!  Find out more about our coalition at

2. We are building campaigns on worker organizing and are working towards expanding our labor movement and increasing union membership. We are assisting workers with organizing support, workers' rights information and building relationships with Local Unions. We need your help to keep it going!

3. We are building a membership model so community and labor allies can have a voice in our work and our direction.  All monthly donations of $5 or more will make you a member of Texas New Era Center/Jobs With Justice, and will get to have a real say in the direction of our work.

4. Texas New Era Center/Jobs with Justice is a non-profit, non-partisan 501c3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

5. We do a lot with very little. We are very grateful for your support! Thanks!


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