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I’m excited to share the news that I am running to be Travis County’s first 460th District Judge! Can I count on your support to bring a new perspective to the bench?

Throughout the 23 years I’ve practiced law, I have devoted myself to criminal defense, including indigent defense. My time in the courtroom has taught me what is working and what is not, and I know we need a judiciary that’s determined to improve outcomes for everyone involved in the criminal justice system — no matter what side they're on.

As District Judge, I will use my empathy, knowledge, and experience to create a court that is fair, progressive, and innovative. I will use the diversion programs and other resources that are already in place in Travis County to their fullest extent. I will work to create new programs that provide meaningful alternatives to incarceration. I will collaborate with pretrial services and probation to figure out how we can offer as many resources as possible. And I will be focused on reducing pretrial detention to only those cases where it is necessary to protect the community from harm. No one should sit in jail because they’re too poor to afford bail. 

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