Atatiana Project

Community Frontline is partnering with The Atatiana Project, who's mission is "to create a livable environment between the urban community and the police." 

We are asking that you join us donating to this cause and we will match donations up to $1,500.

Her Story:

Her name is Atatiana Koquice Jefferson. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and great friend. Tay, as loved ones called her, was born on November 28, 1990, the youngest of four. Atatiana was an energetic and daring young child who was eager to climb trees and unbothered by the occasional skinned knee. Her dazzling smile and quick wit left an impression on many people from all corners of life.  She loved to read, swim and play video games, but she loved nothing more than she loved her family. She was a doting aunt who; no matter how busy life got, set aside time on Friday nights to play video games with her young nephew.  Her intelligence and drive were a winning combination that allowed her to graduate from Xavier University where she pursued a pre-med tract and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Her goal was to become a doctor and cure diabetes, which she had been diagnosed with in childhood. Sadly, on Oct 12, 2019 her future was shattered.  While playing video games with her nephew, as she did every Friday night, she heard a noise outside her bedroom window and peeked out to see what it was.  Within seconds, Atatiana was fatality shot by Fort Worth police officer, Aaron Dean. She is so much more than a hashtag.

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