David Wahlberg for Judge

After 35 years of practicing law in Austin, I made the decision in 2012 to run for the 167th District Court to provide our criminal district courts with a fresh perspective. Since being elected as judge, we've made significant progress and we should continue to move forward. Therefore, I’m running for re-election for the 167th district court.

In my time on the bench, I have handled some of Travis County’s highest profile cases such as Criner(involving the death of UT co-ed Haruka Weiser) and Work (the death of the child Colton Turner) and thousands of others. I was attacked by conservatives because I signed an order that resulted in Texas’ first marriage of two women. My decisions in the cases I have presided over demonstrate my commitment to the principles of our constitution and laws while balancing the legitimate interests of the parties.

I will continue to provide balanced, thoughtful, and well-informed decisions and I’ll keep working to improve the criminal justice process and to seek progressive solutions. My experience serving you as the Judge of the 167th District Court proves that I know how to get the job done.



Judge David Wahlberg 


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