Texas State Senator Nathan Johnson campaign

TX Senator Johnson launches re-election campaign, championing shared economic growth and opportunity, public education, access to healthcare, and grid stability.

“I’m pleased with what we’ve managed to achieve this past legislative session - not just in passing our own bills, but also in shaping the final form of major legislation in many areas. Now that we have momentum, we have to use it to lead our state of Texas in the right direction. There is no question as to whether Texas will lead; it will. The question is how, and to where. We’re working toward a better life and greater opportunities for everyone.”, said Senator Johnson.

I will continue to focus on ways to create an environment where businesses can thrive and all Texans can create a good life for themselves and their families.  I would be honored to have your support.


Contribute to Nathan's campaign today. To send a campaign contribution by mail:

Nathan Johnson Campaign
PO Box 670994
Dallas, TX 75367 - 0994

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